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Meal expense shows on the wrong day, over daily per diem

Working on an expense report.  

I have two big issues:

1. I checked into a hotel on Oct. 30 and charged one meal to my hotel room. Since I checked out on Nov. 3 (and traveled to a different hotel), the total charged to my card was on Nov. 3 and includes the meal.  I itemized the meal and showed the correct date, but doesn't seem to make a difference.


2. I used my corporate card for a meal on Nov. 2. It shows up on my available expenses with a date of Nov. 3.  This puts me over my daily per diem for Nov. 3. No way to change the date of the expense.  


These two issues make my over my per diem for Nov. 3 and I have heard I am liable for all of the overage with no ability to correct the date (I have documentation showing correct date)


What are my options?  How can I fix this issue and avoid paying for travel meals that should be covered by my employer?


Super User
Super User

This is probably because the business did not process the records until the next calendar day.  You can comment that it was the wrong date and point out the date and time on the receipt as proof.

Nancy Murray
Community Manager
Community Manager

@JLJRN do you have three meal expenses each of these days and is each card charge labeled as a different meal type? Does the one charge make is so you have four meal expenses all with the same date? Would you mind sharing a screenshot?

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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