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Mass Rejection Feature

Hello Everyone and Happy Friday,


After reviewing all of the open expense reports, I've realized there are quite a few expense reports from employees that have resigned. This shouldn't have happened in the first place, but now I'm trying to find a solution to resolve this. Are there similar cases out there and please help me by sharing your experiences. 


Option 1 - review case by case

Option 2 - is there a "mass reject" feature that will help with this?

Community Manager
Community Manager

@TomT you bring up a great question/issue. Let me ask you a question or two to help lead us to a solution for you. 

  1. Do these expense reports contain corporate credit card transactions?
  2. If the reports do contain corporate card transactions, do you want to get these reconciled through the system so that payment can be made to the card issuer to pay the credit card accounts in full? Caveat to this, if your corporate card is a Company Billed/Company Paid card, then this question I just asked is moot since your company is paying the full card statement. So, I guess the better question would have been, is your corporate card a Company Billed/Company Paid card? If so, you don't need the transactions to be reconciled through SAP Concur since the balances of the cards will be paid. However, for accounting purposes and to try and balance things out for accruals, you might want to push these through.
  3. Have the employees that resigned already been reimbursed for the expenses contained on the reports they have submitted that you wish to take care of? 

So, if you feel like there is no need to reconcile the expenses on these reports, there is a mass rejection feature on the Processor screen. From the SAP Concur home screen, you click on Expenses. On your Manage Expenses screen there will be an option that says Processor. From this little drop down, select Process Reports. Next, click the Run Query button. You'll see the first option as Reports Ready for Processing. Select this query. You should get a list of reports that are waiting for processor review. From this list, go through and click the little checkbox on the left side of the screen for each report submitted by one of the former employees. Once you have selected them all, look for the orange button that says "Change Approval Status". You will see a little window appear with a field labeled Next Status. Click the drop down arrow for this field. You will see the option of Send Back to Employee. Select this status, then click Save. 


That will return all the reports. Now, if you want to delete the reports even though the employees are no longer with the company, you can proxy in as each user and delete them. 


Let me know if you have any questions or need anything clarified. 




Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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