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MX Tax reporting best practices - como reportar IVA en los reportes de gastos

I am looking how other companies handle the reporting requirements in MX using Concur expense. How do you report IVA? Do you keep electronic copies of the receipts and CFDi for future audits?

Me gustaría intercambiar las mejores prácticas sobre cómo grabar los distintos requisitos impuestos. ¿Cómo manejan la grabación IVA en el informe de gastos? ¿Cómo puede mantener copias electrónicas de la Factura PDF y la CFDi?

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I, too, am interested in access of Expense report and receipts records in case of later audit or other requirement.  I thought that Concur must have some routine for auto-download of reports on a monthly/annual basis, but have found no other alternative to individually downloading the reports.  How have you determined to deal with the possible requirement to provide records from Concur in case of audit?

I am in the US and don't deal with IVA, but am curious about Concur's response to your question.  Since they are European firm, surely they have a solution for splitting out IVA?




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I've been working with Concur regarding the IVA for MX.  Concur has a tax tool to calculate the tax.  But, the office prefers the users to enter the amount as it is shown on the invoice. 

We updated the expense entry form with the fields for tax and after tax.  These fields are now available in the reporting tool to retrieve the amounts. 

We also updated the SAE to show the fields and the UUID field that is embedded in the XML file.  

On the receipt images, the company needs to comply with the government regulations that indicates a copy of the receipt image needs to be store for future audits.  We are trying to accomplish this by getting a concur service that will download the images for local storage. 

I hope this helps.  I wish someone from MX will share their best practices too.