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Locked out by 2FA

I can't believe how much time we lose because of so complex workflows for Concur expense. And now 2FA locks one out... 

The user experience is so frustrating! I just wish I didn't have to use these tools anymore.... 

Community Manager
Community Manager

@Why could you provide more details on how the user is locked out by 2FA, please? Have they set up 2FA and the 2FA code being generated isn't working? Locked out to me means their profile is locked. Is that what is happening? Without knowing what steps the user is going through, it is difficult to provide guidance.


Also, I feel it is important to point out that the workflows of SAP Concur Expense are determined by your company, not SAP Concur. So, if you feel the process is complex, you should speak to whomever at your company is the SAP Concur Site administrator. If employees are losing time, your company might want to evaluate this and come up with better workflow. SAP Concur is not involved in determining your company's workflow.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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