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Linking multiple expenses to one receipt

How to link multiple expenses to one receipt?

Community Manager
Community Manager

@lgsalmon we do have the option to attach the same receipt to multiple expense entries, but it must be activate for your site. It is activated by going to Administration>Expense Admin>Site Settings. It is the last option on the Site Settings. 


However, if it is not activated and you have a copy of the receipt saved on your computer, you can just reuse that image as many times as you need. When you go into each entry and use the attach receipt option, you can browse for the image each time because it is saved locally on your computer, not in SAP Concur.


The option I referred to will keep a copy of the image in Available Receipts instead of removing it once attached to an entry. 


Let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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I was able to activate the setting using the Administration>Expense Admin>Site Settings but I still cannot see how to attach 1 statement to multiple files at once. I have 768 entries that all have the same 28 page statement for a receipt. This option would save me an entire days work of attaching the statement individually to each file.

SAP Concur Employee
SAP Concur Employee

Good Afternoon,


There is a setting within the site that has to be activated so that you can link one receipt for multiple expenses.


Professional Edition

In NextGen UI for Concur Expense, users can attach one receipt image to more than one expense on the same expense report.

To do that, within Site Settings, the following option should be enabled: Allow a multiple use of the same receipt for multiple expense entries within an expense report.
To access Site Settings and enable this option, refer to article How can I access the Site Settings in Concur?

To use the same receipt image more than once, first the...
Completes the expense as usual.>Within the expense entry, click Attach Receipt Image as usual. The Attach Receipt window appears Select the Receipts in Report tab>Select the desired receipt imageSelect the desired receipt imageClick Attach
Standard Edition

This feature is not available in the standard edition of SAP Concur. 


Have a good day!



Concur Consultant