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Keyboard Shortcut to navigate and perform action such as Adding Attendee of Type Employee

I need help to expedite adding Attendee of Type Employee.

As-Is, I am using 9 steps as follows:

  1. switch to Outlook
  2. create New Message
  3. type in partial name which Outlook Outputs contact
  4. copy contact which unfortunately shows Full Name with email address
  5. automation to extract email address by Excel formula
  6. paste to Search field - email address 
  7. click on Search
  8. click on Check Box 
  9. click on "Add to List"

Is there a quicker way?


  1. when there can be only single match such as email address, steps 8 and 9 are unnecessary.
  2. Tab key to navigate if there are multiple matches
  3. Space bar to select or unselect check box


Community Manager
Community Manager

@panes-rubrics why aren't you using the the Search option right in the Add Attendees window? If they are an employee and have an SAP Concur profile, then you can search for them right from the Add Attendee window.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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Routine Member - Level 1

Thanks Kevin, please correct me if wrong, when unsure which part of a Name is Last or First, Outlook search involves fewer clicks (to get target).