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Itemizing charges on AMEX card for personal expenses

I need to understand how I can pay for the dinner portion of my bill for my client through my normal business expense process and then itemize the drinks on the bill to be paid as a personal expense.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@gjbruggen Let's say your bill was $200, $50 of which were drinks. 


Click the itemizations option (New UI) or the Itemize button (Legacy UI). For the first itemization use the Business Meal expense type or whatever the expense type is similar to this your company uses. Enter $150 and fill out the other details, then Save. Add a new itemization, choose the appropriate expense type (I doubt Alcohol will be there, but maybe Entertainment). Enter $50. You should see a Personal Expense checkbox you can select. Click that box and save. That should do it.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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