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Occasional Member - Level 1

Itemization Screen

What happened to the itemization screen on the mobile app?  It was working just fine.  Now, I have to re-enter all the information originally entered on the expense just to itemize between tips and meals, or hotel and meals. 

Routine Member - Level 1

Hi @scpcwald 


Concur updated itemization and mileage screen with the latest version, I've reported the following issues:

  • Expense Itemization
    •  Some data that used to flow from parent to itemized child goes blank now (Transaction date and Receipt Status).
    • There is a message saying that I need to upload an image in the itemization when there is one alredy in the main expense.
  • Mileage
    • Some data used to be filled automatically now users have to select it manually (Receipt Status).
    • Issue with car plate, when we fill car plate number an save APP says that car plate is missing.
  • Custom fields linked to expense list (two level list)
    • We can't select the second level list value due that the first level is missing in the expense. The first level is assigned to the user profile and used to be retrieved automatically into the expense but now is not being retrieved anymore.