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Itemization Hotel sub entries error


I have a friend who has a problem with itemisation in hotel expenses. She got errors saying that she needs to add another attendee for breakfast (15 euros) but she cannot because it was only her in the trip. 

There is also another error, that says "this itemised entry has sub-entries with one or more exceptions". 


The hotel rate is the same (for 2 days) as well the breakfast same price for those two dates. 


If anyone can help please.  




Community Manager
Community Manager

@yerkakristabel it appears the red alert message referring to the itemization sub-entries having an exception is indeed referring to the additional attendee issue, so it is basically two red exception messages referring to the same thing.


Can you send me a private message with the first and last name of this employee, please? I'd like to see the rule asking for additional attendees as a Breakfast meal listed as simple sounds like it should be an individual meal.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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