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Italy VAT Requirements

Hi All,

We recently learned from our Italian colleauges that the use of company billed programs (pcard/mcard) is difficult to use due to the digital invoicing mandated by the government. I asked if there has been an impact to the normal travel operations and they stated it possible, but I am curious as to how other clients are managing Italy through Concur. Any suggestions?


Thank you,


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Hello Lisa,

We are in the early stages of implementing Italy in our Concur.   We have not yet addressed VAT Requirements but do have questions/concerns regarding the government requirements.  Did you find a solution to this?


Thank you,



We had the configuration for VAT set up in Concur and then deactivated earlier this year. The local finance team explained that the complexity of the VAT based on transaction spend was going to be easier through a manual process rather than systematic. There are other countries in the EMEA region that are similar to Italy; however, Italy is very strict. I know this doesn't help any, but is a manual process possible?