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Italian legal requirements - Concur Setup with Airplus and travel agency (indirect)


We have some T&E process issues on Italy due to Italian legal requirements. If possible, could you please share how your T&E Concur process looks like for Italy? I would be happy to connect to discuss it, too.


We have indirect travel module in Concur from our travel agency. Travel agency pays for our hotels/flights using airplus. Then, airplus transactions are transferred to Concur and are submitted by the employees. After approval, expenses are posted to SAP.


Issue: Due to Italian legal requirement all invoices issued for our Italian entity needs to be posted in SAP. If we process airplus transaction in Concur and then must also post travel agency invoices in SAP, we have double costs.


Thank you for all the comments! I hope it is ok to post such topic here.


Community Manager
Community Manager

@AASM Hello there. If you are a site admin at your company I would recommend requesting to join the Admin Group here on Community and post this question there. Or if you would rather, you can request to join the group and upon your admission (predicated on you being eligible to join), I can move the post to that group for you.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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Occasional Member - Level 2

Thanks for your reply Kevin! I have applied to join Admin Group. I am not site admin but SME of this process at our company so I have some technical knowledge but I don't make changes in configuration - is it enough to join Admin Group? If not, I will just ask our admin to post it there.