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New Member - Level 1

Issue with banking information alert



I am new on the forum and I try to submit my first expense claim on SAP Concur. I have completed my profile and entered my banking information, but it's been a week now that I have an alert saying: "Please add your banking information to your Profile. This needs to be added in order to submit your expense claim." 


The issue is that I have already entered my banking informations, my bank account is listed as "confirmed" and able to receive payment, but I still have this alert and, as a result, I can't submit my claim. 


Do you know how to solve the problem?


Thank you for your help,

Community Manager
Community Manager

@CtteCtte did you try to submit your report again? This alert remains even after your bank information is confirmed. To have the system re-evaluate the rule that prevents submission due to no bank account, you need to submit the report again.


If you have tried that and still cannot submit, then try moving all the expenses to a new report.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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