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New Member - Level 1

Is there a delay in Concur Audit processing?

I submitted my expenses for November on the evening of 30/11/21, and still to date it is pending the Concur audit process, so its been a full week and 5 full working days!

Is there a problem with the audit process? 

This is unacceptable and means I am out of pocket for several hundred pounds!

Very frustrating!

Any ways to push this through?

Community Manager
Community Manager

@cbrunniche your site administrator may be able to push it through. I'm sending you a private message with a name of someone at your company. 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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Occasional Member - Level 1

Hello Kevin D. I appear to be having the same problem.  Only recently the audit process seems to be delayed.  All expenses are now trapped in the audit process for weeks (and still waiting).  Whereas, before it went through in a couple of hours.  Is there a reason for this change?

Occasional Member - Level 2


I am a Concur administrator, our organisation has claims outstanding since 29th November, it seems none or very few of our claims have been audited in the last 2 weeks.  This is becoming critical with complaints being received daily.  I have raised this several times with Concur but just get told that there is a delay in TAT, but this is not acceptable.  

Can you please help.

Many thanks.

Occasional Member - Level 1

Likewise we've got at least two Claims that have been with the Audit Team since 29th November.  Unusually there's been no reply to the Case that I opened on 10th December in regards to one of our employees' Claims, and I opened another Case today for another staff member.  I have just rung our Audit contact, with no reply, and so have emailed her and also escalated my 10th December Case.  This is just not good enough, where are the communications?  I don't see any alert on the website in regards to processing delays.  No similar scenario was encountered in the run up to last Christmas.  Come on Concur, give us some news.


**Update - I have received word back from Concur that the Audit delays are due to workload taking off since the start of October, returning to pre-Covid levels, requiring considerable training and reallocation of staff. 

The implication is that Audit staff have been shed during Covid.  So we just have to wait...but for how long is anyone's guess.