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Is it OK to add Attendee which is only searchable as Inactive Employee? relocated as per Outlook,

I need help to reduce Data Entry rework when adding Attendee but Outlook is not up to date.

Is it possible for approver of my submittal to revise her information without rejecting my subnittal?

Example is to add her as Inactive Employee but in different Region while Outlooks shows her still with Organization and her Outlook AutoReply did not explicitly "left Organization" only "left Division Name"?



My feedback to my organization
Subject: RE: I need help with who left Division (to Sin__ore) and is still valid employee as per Outlook but Concur classify her as Inactive Employee


For future, please kindly consider how to reduce data entry time when

  • Outlook is not yet Up-To-Date and
  • Concur is also misleading.

I was misled by following information

  • As per Concur she is in Sin__ore as shown below
  • Her Outlook AutoReply content does not explicitly show left Organisation; only shows “left Division”
  • Outlook Organisation still shows her presence

Only after asking another employee, do I know she actually left organization.





Community Manager
Community Manager

@panes-rubrics from what I saw when looking at this, the approver role does not have the ability to change attendee details.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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Routine Member - Level 1

Thanks KevinD, in the ideal world,

  • Outlook data should be up to date.
  • But due to security concern, Delegate may not be updated.

For Delegate who is not updated on attendee information, IMHO, it helps to expedite the submittal process if downstream can revise attendee data entry without rejecting the submittal.