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Occasional Member - Level 1

Iphone not allowing multiple image uploads on Concur expense app anymore

I use Iphone.  Up until two months ago I had no issues.  Ive always had to include the first three pages of my cell phone bill when submitting that expense.  

Now when you use the app if you need to add more than one photo it doesnt work.  It actually gets hung up when you get to the portion when it asks to upload "selected photos."

You will see all three photos and will be asked to select or deseletct the photo.   It gives no other choice.  You cant save it, approve it, or even cancel out.  In fact, I have to shut down the phone and go back into COncur.

The only thing that I can get to work is take a photo (not upload from pictures) and save it.  Go back in and APpend it.  Save it again, and go back in a take the third photo.  Long story short we cant upload mulitple photos from pictures.