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Iphone app Issues

I use the ezCater app for ordering food and it automatically attaches its receipt to the corresponding expense in concur. But I also need to attach sign in sheets and other receipts to the same expense. With this new update, the option to append or replace reciept is gone. All I can do is view the ezCater receipt that is automatically attached. The  3 little dots only give me the options to itemize, view attendees, or annotate, not to add additional receipts to the same expense. Please help. Thank you.


On a side note, in the previous versions, whenever there is a receipt that is automatically attached via an app that is linked to Concur, if you want to add additional receipts then you must click on "replace" and not "append" which was confusing for a while until I figured it out. Clicking replace did not delete a receipt that was automatically added and allowed me to add additional receipts. However, if I clicked replace on a receipt that was manually added, it would delete and replace it.