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Iphone COncur expense app: adding multiple receipts from phone doesnt work correctly

Hello-  Ive used the app for years.  A few months back it changed.  I have the latest IOS and Iphone X.


When I click on add image from my pictures.  I'm asked "if App can access pictures"  I say yes. Then asked "Do I want to select the last photos or add new?"

I select add new as I have new photo of recipt to upload.  I select three photo's.  Then I ge to a point where the three photos are selected and I can even view (or swipe left ir right) to see the three photos.  Everything is all good...


Now at the bottom it says "deselect all" I cant get past this point.  If I select deselect all the images are deselected.  Nothing happens.  I'm not even able to close the app correctly.  I can swipe up to close the app but when I go back in I'm at the same spot. 


Normally you should be able select all the photos you want and add them.  I simply don't get to a point where it asks to add them to the report.