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Invoice in Company Name ICS (Financial Posting)

Hi Experts,
for a Client, we would like to use the flag "Invoice in Company Name" to differentiate expenses entries with invoice (received by Company, so it's necessary reconciliation process) or receipt (attachment mandatory or optional), but this flag is not visibile in SAP FI (Financial Posting with ICS).

Could you please help us to better understand if this flag is visible in SAP FI and, if not, there is another way to distinguish expenses entries with or without invoice?
Thank you in advance,

Best Regards

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Hello @ClaudiaCiocca,


please check the following link (


As far as I know you will need to split the current expense report to differentiate Invoices from Expenses; once you have the Invoices then you can post them and reconciliate with the employee.


If you need more help send me a Private message :).





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Thank you.

We have read the document but maybe the "Invoice in Company Name" field does not help to solve our problem.


We would like to set the receipt status field with 3 values: receipt/ no receipt/ invoice (without VAT implementation).

Then we would like to associate two different ACCOUNT CODES to expenses based on the status of the receipt, as indicated below: 

If receipt status = not selected > ACCOUNT CODE OF EXPENSE
If receipt status = receipt > ACCOUNT CODE OF EXPENSE
If receipt status = invoice > ACCOUNT CODE of the transitional account (which we created in the system as an expense type) 


Otherwise what would be the option to assign two different codes if it is receipt or invoice?


Best Regards,