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Intelligence Extract

Greetings Concurians:


Has anyone installed the Intelligence Extract?  I am talking with SAP Concur about this now and am trying to get my head around the estiamted 1000 hours of project time to get it to work.  If anyone has comments on what the process was like it would be greatly appreciated.  I'm thinking the install is not that bad but maybe having a new data structure in the mix creates a bit of a learning curve. 


Our preliminary goal is to buy every bit of data available and put it in the AWS data lake.  Then our finance managers can access data via Tableau.  We just went live a few months ago and offer nothing by the ICS based journal data.


Your opinion matters!



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Hi Chris,


We wanted the Concur data in BI/BO/BW as well. When we considered the intelligence extract, we realized that we would need to dedicate a lot of resources to process the GB sized extract files. Instead, we chose to get an Intelligence report built, with the data that we were intrested in. This was delivered daily via SFTP.  We then read the output and updated the data in BI/BO/BW.




Best Regards,
SAP Concur and SAP FICO Implementation Functional Consultant
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Hi when tryting to send reports i only get the email option. What do i need to do so that the reports gets delivered via SFTP? i dont see that option availabe.

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Hi Rohan, 


Do you know anything about migrating from one instance of Concur to another. We may need to do this to implent Concur travel. 


Any information that you could share would be most helpful.