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Integrating SAP S/4HANA Cloud Systems with SAP Concur - Expense reports details

Hello Everyone,

We are implementing S4HCloud for Professional Services(done by us) and Concur (done by partner). We are at the blueprint stage and we wanted to understand the Expense reports details capabilities that are transfered from Concur's expense reports to S4HC database.

For exemple, we will need those informations from the expense reports in S4HCloud

- Employee ID

- WBS Element (Project ID)

- Expense type

- Date of expense

- Expense Currency

- Amounts in expense Currency (with and without applicables taxes)

-Quantity (if applicable)

Our requirements is to have those informations either from FI posting or from Reporting (CDS view or otherwise) in S4H Cloud, without the need to get those information from Concur Reporting.

Since those expenses are rebilled to final customer (as for a Professional Services company), those information will be use to create a custom form with details of the expenses report, that will be joined with the Billing Invoice in S4HCloud.


Thank you,




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Please the native integration for SAP Concur with S/4 HANA Cloud. It should solve all your requirements as listed in your ask.



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Hi Guillaume 


Using the standard SAP<>Concur integration in SAP would will be able to import the Expense Report (plus line items) into SAP, where it will post as per a normal journal

  • on the expense side you will get Expense GL + WBS + Amount + Tax Code + text etc
  • the will post against your WBS as per a standard journals, which you will then be able to process and convert into billing
  • apart from 'general' fields mapping from the Concur expense to the SAP FI expense, you may be able to import additional data using custom modifications to the BADI in the SAP<>Concur integration; note though the fields will be dependent upon what is available in the JSON file which is produced by Concur and used in the import to SAP

Matching a PDF of the Expense Report with respective SAP FI journal might be a bit more tricky

- the SAP<>Concur integration does not bring through the Expense Report PDF into SAP as an attachment

- there is a Key ID field which is used to link the Expense Report in Concur to the SAP FI journal, which may be able to be used in running a post-process; something like exporting and storing the Expense Report PDF on the SAP server, then per SAP FI Journal (using the Key ID) find that PDF and attach to the journal via FB02 in SAP