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Occasional Member - Level 3

Inform Users of Data Filled By AI

Has anyone run into the problem of errors populating automatically, confusing users? Many expenses are assigned an Expense Type by AI which are often incorrect, but since users assume it was intentional by administrators, they do not question it.


Is there a way to either stop AI altogether, or at least bring attention to the selection made by AI with highlighting of some sort?

Community Manager
Community Manager

@DawnM when a corporate card transaction for anything other than air, car or hotel comes into your available expenses, they likely will come in as Undefined. Then the user assigns the appropriate expense type. The system then remembers that expense type and maps it to that vendor for future transactions. So, in a lot of cases the system isn't doing the assigning, it is the individual user you did the initial assigning. 


The only way I've seen expenses get assigned an expense type upon that vendor coming into the user's account for the first time is if the company card admin mapped certain expense types to certain vendors, but from my 13 years of being at SAP Concur, I have rarely seen this.


I don't believe this can be turned off. 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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Occasional Member - Level 3

@KevinD I can see that Expense Types are being chosen, that the user has not touched the expense report, and we definitely did not assign an expense to the vendor. It happens all the time with certain codes. Our travel and fuel code is consistently populated with gas station purchases, and we have not entered any gas stations into vendor management, because we do not pay them with invoices, which is what vendor management is mostly used for.  


It seems to make its selection based on vendor type.


Thank you for your thoughts,

Dawn McGuire

AP Accountant

New Member - Level 1

To address the issue of AI-driven automatic population errors in Concur Expense, you can consider implementing a user-friendly solution. One option is to introduce a system-generated notification or visual highlight, like a distinct color or symbol, for fields populated by AI. This would alert users that the entry was automated and encourage them to review and confirm its accuracy, thus reducing confusion and potential errors. Additionally, providing users with the option to override AI-generated selections can offer more control and transparency in expense reporting.