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Individual Meal Limits for US Expense Policy

We are trying to evaluate whether it is time to change our individual meal limits for our US expense procedure, given the noise coming from some of our business units, therefore looking at our internal data as well as trying to benchmark best practices.

Would you be willing to share what limits you have at your company for individual breakfast lunch and dinner (not group or business meals)?

Thank you so much in advance!

Occasional Member - Level 3

In our company, we have a daily meal limit of $65. We don't have limits for lunch, dinner nor breakfast, they just shouldn't go over the daily meal limit. In specific cities such as New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Tokio...etc... the limit is $85.

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Hi fbromeiro,


How were you able to set meal limit based on city? We're looking to do the same for our Concur instance. Thanks for your help!

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We don't have a limit by meal type, just a total per day.  Up until last year we allowed $40 per day but that has been increased to $50 now.  We also allow more for more expenisve cities.

Prior company was also $50 per day.

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We break out breakfast, lunch and dinner by region, i.e. New York, Northeast, Midwest and then Canada and International.  The total ranges from $45 - $75.  For an example, NY, we use Breakfast $15, Lunch $20, and Dinner $40.  Looking to do the same thing and evaluate if these are still reasonable.  And a question back, do your limits include tip or do you specify that the limit is without tip?

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Yes, our limits include tip and tax, and currently are:

Breakfast: $15 ($25 for NY)

Lunch: $25

Dinner: $65

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our policy states $50 daily limit for associcate individual meals, which is any combination of breakfast/lunch/dinner.  The $50 can be spent split out or all on dinner meal if preferred.

Occasional Member - Level 1

We have programed $70.00 USD daily limit for all meals inclusive of tax and gratuity for the day for the USA.  ROW is programmed @$75.00 USD equivalent to compensate for exchange rates.  This is program end as a hard stop, not allowing the employee to submit the meal expense if it exceeds the daily meal limit.   

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I am interested in this data as well.  Currently, we reimburse actuals with no limits other than 'reasonable'.  However, I've been tasked with reviewing and bringing forth a recommendation which hopefully will result in a cost savings.  I am very interested to hear what other's are doing.

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Our policy states " daily meal expenses should be limited to no more than US  $100 USD per day, including tax and tips per traveler.  We have an audit rule when they exceed the $100 daily limit which appears for expense users and manager notifying them the daily limit has been exceeded. Manager are allowed to approve over $100 if they provide justification. 

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This is an audit rule we would like to set up for our company.  Is it possible to send a snippet of how you set up this audit rule?

Community Manager
Community Manager

@Joyce would you like the audit rule to be a daily total that shouldn't be exceeded or limits by meal? For example: Users should not exceed a total (three meals combined) of $75 or breakfast not to exceed $15, lunch not to exceed $20 and dinner not to exceed $40. 


Also, do you want the rule to be a hard stop or just a reminder/warning? 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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Occasional Member - Level 2

Daily total and it would need to be a reminder/warning because if it were a hard stop, they wouldn't be able to submit their report but yet we need the information for reconciliation purposes.  

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Do you think employees would be tempted to spend more than they would normally BECAUSE of the limit? Like they want to make sure they're getting their money's worth?

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