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Incorrect charges on my receipt.

I have a hotel receipt, emailed to concur, auto analyzed, all entries posted for review and actions.  There were three entries that were clearly listed as credits.  One of these was read as such and correctly handled.  But the other two, for whatever reason, maybe no ()'s or no negative sign, were labeled by Concur as charges.  When I called and checked the card transactions, they are listed as charges on the card.  First of all, the charges false and need to be corrected, and second, I would never, but if I wanted to simply let it go thru, it wouldn't because this nightly charge for a room fall outside the actual calendar entries of the nights I did stay.  So, actual charges that should be credits, what do I do?  Oh,yes, I did call the card company, they see the charge and receipts, and told me the matter was going to receipt dispute department.  But, there not Concur.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@qlduncan did you pay for the hotel with a corporate credit card or with a personal card? Was the total amount charged to your card correct or is your card statement accurate? I'm asking because even if the receipt has incorrect charges, what is most important is the total you enter on the expense report. If SAP Concur analyzed the receipt and added a couple of itemizations that shouldn't be there because they are credits or incorrect charges, you can always update the amounts of those itemizations or delete them. 


Are you having an issue with the total amount and the itemization amount matching? 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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