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Impossible to modify the currency


I am currently facing the following situation: my hotel / taxi invoices are in US dollar or Mexican Pesos, but the expense only appears in euro in Concur, and there is no way to change the currency (it was possible in the past to change it if I remember well). as a consequence, I face some problems to itemize my expenses, do I really need to make myself the conversion Doller / Euro ?



Community Manager
Community Manager

@ysecretan the conversion is by system design. The system will always show the amount in the foreign currency and your local currency. However, for itemizing hotels, your bill will show charges in the foreign currency so you need to enter the itemization amounts in the foreign currency amounts as they appear on your bill. You do not need to convert the itemizations from MXN Pesos to Euros. Enter the hotel itemization amounts as they appear on the bill/receipt.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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