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Importing Attendees Template Error Message ExpenseJS.Undefined

I was wondering if I'm missing anything specific to get the bulk upload to work with expense reporting. 
I have the xls formatted template file which I added 168 attendees with their IDs and attendee key only since I noticed we only need the minimal of an ID to add when we are doing one by one (also the fact when I input their name into the xls file and upload it, it complains that the person doesn't exist). I have played around with it to try and see any different behavior, but I was wondering if anyone had any solution?

Community Manager
Community Manager

@jhagui7464 are you trying to add colleagues, people outside your company or both?


Also, could you take a screenshot of your import file for me, please? Be sure to block out the names, I want to see the other columns on the file and what you have filled out.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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Hey @KevinD ,
It was for employees only.
I figured it out. The template provided had a column labeled as IDs for Company Employees where I thought that is where our employee IDs should go. Turns out that the list of IDs should've gone under the column External IDs for it to import all the employees correctly. The naming was a little misleading, but now I know for next time. Thank you, though.