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I seem to have lost a processing setting for allocations and itemizations - please help!

Hi All!


I feel like I'm going crazy because I'm sure this has to be a simple setting somewhere that I'm missing... but I've been through just about all of them and can't figure out what happened for the life of me.  Here's the situation:  When I rolled Concur out - and ever since - any approved transactions from an expense report that had itemizations and/or allocations would transfer to Quickbooks as a combined single line item.  This made reconciliation easy as all transactions from a report simply balanced with my register.  Since yesterday, however, that has stopped happening.  Now, all split transactions are posting as however many line items are necessitated by the split (for example - one employee posted a massive Amazon order that was allocated across all 13 of our locations and itemized by 20 different account codes - this created well beyond 30 line items in my register that did balance, but I had to organize in order to reconcile). 


This is certainly manageable, as it always balances, but in my rush to close May financials, it's been a huge inconvenience to chase down these fractured expenses to balance.  Does anyone know where I can check the setting for this or how it may have been disabled?

Community Manager
Community Manager

@CBiggs From what you described, I think you will need to submit a ticket to SAP Concur Support about this. It doesn't make sense that something would all of a sudden change in the way it feeds from SAP Concur to QB. Concur Support is your best option. 


You could also try posting this in the User Admin Group to see if there is someone in that group that uses QB and if you haven't joined the Small Business Group, you could request to join that group and post the issue there. I know the small business group has a lot of well qualified SAP Concur employees in that group that can help with these types of issues.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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