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New Member - Level 1

I cant send my report

Hello, Im trying to send my expense report, those all the expenses are cash , but when i sen i received the following errors:


If this is a coroporate card transaction then request to wait until you receive the card feed to your profile and do not submit as cash expenese to avoid card cancellation


Only card transactions dated on befores 27 jul can be submitted in concur. for transactions date onward, those should reflect in the new EMS. For out-if-pocket expenses dated before aug 1, please create a ticket before filling and submitting in the new EMS


But I registered only cash expense, how i can send my report?

Community Manager
Community Manager

@ginapao I looked at your report. The exception message to me doesn't make sense because your out of pocket expenses are after August 1st. I wonder if wording of the exception was supposed to say For out of pocket expenses dated after August 1st. It appears there is some new EMS system that you should use to submit expenses. I'm sending you a private message here on the community with a name of someone to contact. 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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New Member - Level 1

Hi Kevin, I saw you responded to a question regarding Out of pocket cash expenses and a warning stating that only corp. card expenses can be submittet and that i need to use EMS ? I have not been able to find out what EMS is and what to do, as i have not yet a corp. card and have expenses paid from my own credit card i need to expense ? can you help or point me to someone who can ? thanks, Br Gert