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I Need to cancel an expense that has now been approved.

I accidentally uploaded the wrong receipt so really need to cancel my expense. How do I go about that if it's already been approved?

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Community Manager

@sellachr if it has been approved by an Expense Processor, then you will not be able to cancel or recall the report. You will know if it has been approved by the processor as the status will read "Sent for Payment" or "Processing Payment". If the current status reads, "Approved & In Accounting Review" then you should be able to recall the report.

So, if you sign in to SAP Concur, click Expense at the top of the screen, you will see your expense report and the current status. If the status doesn't say anything about Payment or Paid, then open the report and look for the Recall button.

If the status is Approved & In Accounting Review and you do not see a Recall button, then you will need to have someone send back the report. The best way to see who to contact is to open one of your previously paid reports, then click Report Details. From the Report Details menu, select Audit Trail. This will show you all the actions taken on your report and who carried out those actions. Look to see if there is a name listed for the approval status change from Approved & In Accounting Review to Approved. If there isn't a name, then you will need to contact either your Finance, Accounting or Payroll/HR departments to see if they can send it back.

Lastly, even if the report is fully approved, it can be recalled to the Processor step by a Processor IF the batch the report currently in isn't closed. Again, you would need to follow the steps in the above paragraph to see who to contact.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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