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How to request Uber to improve e-receipt by email? printable on 1 page; downloadable by anyone?

I need help with requesting Uber to provide electronic receipts more user friendly to relieve the following:

  1. fit on one page (without re-formatting, receipt is 3 pages; not to mention additional page up front containing Uber-email forwarded to Delegate).
  2. download link is automatically public (allowing anyone to download); as-is, I cannot download because I do not have company phone.

As of now, I will submit a 4 page receipt.



I need help to undo last deleted page but existing methods come at a cost of losing all modifications if they were not saved before said delete action.

Undo methods exist at cost of losing all modifications if they were not saved.

I believe most users do not take the time to save for each modification.

How to undo last deleted page without losing all u... - Adobe Community - 14265012


Kind Regards

Routine Member - Level 1

The file I refer to has 4 pages in following order:

  1. Email from secretary of my Manager
  2. her forwarded Email from my Manager  occupies most of the page and last few lines are the email from taxi company
  3. receipt information on price amount
  4. receipt information on mileage
  5. Taxi company Logo


To extract receipt data, I need to delete Page 1, 4 and 5.

After deleting Page 1, Page 2 came up next which is Email content of Secretary and Manager; I did not remember the last two lines of Page 2 contains Header of Taxi Email,  I mistakenly deleted Page 2 which also contains email from Taxi Company.



METHOD 1 (use original file to recover deleted Page)

IMHO, the minimum steps are following:

  1. Save modified file containing deleted Page 2
  2. Open saved file which is missing Page 2.
  3. Open original file which contains all Pages.
  4. Drag tab (original file) out of the Acrobat window via mouse for new instance.
  5. Click on Thumbnail of Original File
  6. Drag Page 2 into Window of Saved File
  7. Save Modified File

METHOD 2 (use original file to redo delete Page 1 and 4)

  1. open original file
  2. delete Page 1
  3. delete Page 4
  4. delete Page 5


For said file, IMHO, it is easier to redo the deletion rather than recover page from original.

For file with numerous pages and pages to delete are complicated, I will recover page from original.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@panes-rubrics I'm not sure you will receive much guidance here since this is an Uber issue.


Any receipts I've received from Uber via email have always fit on one page for me. You say they are three pages...are all necessary details spread over all three pages?

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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Routine Member - Level 1

Thanks KevinD, please allow me to ask more questions:

  1. did you get a Delegate to claim Uber e-receipts?
  2. is your print A4 Size?
  3. Text-Only description (emailed to me as Delegate) of print (5-pages):
    1. Uber Email Header at bottom prefixed by Content from my Manager.
    2. Total, Payment Details, What is Excluded, Download Instructions
    3.  Driver Information
    4. Trip Details: Distance, From, To; Report Lost Items
    5. Uber Contact Information.

Kind Regards,