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How to handle users with multiple cards on different policies

I currently have two policies in Concur. One policy is for the US and the other Canada. We have users with two cards, one for each country. Currently both cards are falling under one policy, the policy the user is set up for. I am curious as to how other companies manage this situation. It is creating a complicated reconciliation process as each policy is tied to a different entity.  Any advice? 

Community Manager
Community Manager

@rpollachek Users can be assigned to two policies. I see this a lot with companies who have both a T&E and PCard. Users have each card, but each card is tied to a different policy. When the user goes to create a report, they can choose the correct policy from a drop down.

You could consider assigning both policies to these employees, which is done through Group Configurations. That way when they have transactions from the U.S. credit card, they select the U.S. policy (or whichever policy applies to U.S. employees) and then the same when they have transactions from the CAD card. This would also help with reconciliation as transactions will be separated on reports.

Changes to Groups and Policies will need to be submitted to SAP Concur Support unless someone at your company has completed our Advanced Configuration training which would give them full site access.

One question for are the Policies tied to an entity? What do you mean by that?

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Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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Hi Kevin,

Thank you for this detailed explanation. Regarding your question, my wording was confusing. For users that have multiple cards, one for each policy, the company code and cost object should be different for each card. For example, the US policy is for US cards and expenses should be charged to a US company code and cost object. The Canada card with the Canada policy should be charged to a Canadian company code/cost object. Is this possible to configure with the group configurations?