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How to find summary of category spend?

I'm an end user processing expenses for others. 

My company has put a limit on the amount that can be claimed per day for meals while travelling. 

Concur will calculate the remaining allowance available and only allow you to submit an expense underneath that limit. 

However the available limit is not disclosed so I have no idea what has been claimed so far.  The option suggested to me is to go into card transactions and look for other spend on meals for that day. 

My issue is that this doesn't include cash transactions, which I can't view in date order along with the card transactions, so I have to go into previous reports and view all lines and add the totals up separately.

The issue is complicated by the fact that the claim may include several employees whose expenses I don't have access to, so I can't examine their spend on that day in question to determine how much each employee has left owing to claim. 


The central question is - if Concur knows how much each employee has got left to claim on a particular day (and will generate an alert message until the amount claimed falls underneath that figure) - then how can I also access this information? Is this is feature that can be enabled? 

Super User
Super User

Concur can only calculate what is entered as an expense, and will alert based on the limits built into your rules.  Not really sure if this is something that can be done.  

Nancy Murray
Community Manager
Community Manager

@Jolly I looked at a couple of the meal limit rules set up...the one for Los Angeles and Italy. I figured pretty much all the meal limit rules were set up with the same conditions. I didn't see any condition that looked at the payment type. I'm saying this because you said that the limit doesn't include cash transactions. From the two rules I looked at, the conditions are looking for a daily amount for the Employee Meal expense type, location, and a few other non-payment type items. This means cash transactions are taken into account.


The way the audit rule works is the system adds up what has been entered, it doesn't look at any remaining amount. It only knows if the user has gone over the specified threshold.


Why are you looking to see what the remaining amount is? Is it because you will be entering cash expenses and do not want to go over the threshold?

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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