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How to do one-time multiple receipts upload and transfer to multiple single expense by mobile app?

As title, I remembered last version of mobile app can upload multi-images (maximum in 6 or 8 images) and those images can be defined as single-page receipt and be transferred into several expenses for each receipt image.

But now, I can find this function anymore. May I know if any similar methodology can achieve it as well?

Now the issue I have is, I have a lot of receipts and the only way I can do is take picture for each receipt and transfer to an expense item.

I want to find a way that it can be done by batches.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@sidney6827 actually, what you described has never been possible in our mobile app or in our web version. The mobile app has the ability to take pictures of multi-page receipts and then combined those pages into a single receipt attachment to be used on an entry. We never have had any batch option where multiple images can be attached to multiple line entries all at one time.


Only the web version allows for attaching multiple receipts at one time, but this only attaches the receipts to the report as a whole, not to individual entries.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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