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How to correct and already processed expense report?


I submitted 2 expense reports in 2023. They were both approved and money was reimbursed to my account.

I just noticed later that the exchange rate on the expense report is different than on my the actual date it was processed from my credit card, and therefore I lost some amount.


My question is, how can I get a correction for get back the money, caused by exchange rate report?


Thank you.


Community Manager
Community Manager

@PeterEck so I'm clear, the amount you entered on your report was not the amount shown on your credit card statement after the conversion had taken place, is that correct? If so, your recourse would be to reach out to someone in your Finance or Payroll department to ask them how to handle this. You cannot edit these reports since they have already been paid. 


It might be that you need to create a new expense report and provide your credit card statement showing the amounts actually charged to your card and the amounts on your reports. Provide the amount of the delta due to the different exchange rates. 


I say to reach out to one of those departments, because they will know how to handle this.


For future reference, and I'm sure you have already determined this, when traveling internationally and using a personal card, wait for the charges to post to your card statement to ensure you don't have any conversion rate discrepancies. 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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Occasional Member - Level 1

Dear Kevin, thank you for your feedback. I am going to connect with my contacts.