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How to clear the error "Transactions that exceed age limit, must be submitted before report can be"

I have an employee who has expenses from September and October 2021. When he tries to submit his Concur expense report, it comes up with the following error: 




However, there are no red flags listed on any of his transactions. Everything also have a receipt attached to it. How do I clear this error? I have tried moving them to a new clean report and that did not work.

We have had employees submit expenses close to a year old, so I am not sure why this one is erroring out.


Thank you


Community Manager
Community Manager

@StefaniFischels if you provide me the name of the employee, I can take a look. The system "thinks" there is an outstanding unsubmitted transaction somewhere in this person's account. 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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