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How to cancel an expense?

I mistakenly charged an Uber fare to my corporate Amex, triggering a HRK 40.13 charge (HRK=Croatian kuna equivalent to CAD$8.10).  I realized it later and asked Uber to revert it and charge my personal credit card.  Uber reimbursed my corporate Amex HRK 40.13 but due to currency conversion it translated to CAD$7.88.  I covered the difference of CAD$0.22 out of my pocket leaving the balance on my corporate Amex@$0.00


Now, when I submit a claim it is $0.22 short and it doesn't let me create a negative expense -$0.22 in order to cover it.  Howe to solve this conundrum?

Community Manager
Community Manager

@mrvelro I looked at your report. Likely you will need to itemize out .22 of the CAD8.10 charge. That should bring the report total to zero. I don't know if your company has the system setup to allow a zero total expense report to be submitted (probably not) so you may need to wait until other AMEX charges come in. 


When you are itemizing, you can choose taxi for both itemizations, just be sure for the .22 you tick the box that says Personal Expense (do not reimburse).


Let me know if this makes sense or if you have any questions.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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