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How to Automate Monthly Recurring Expenses

Is their a way to have a expense report automatically or automagically generate each month for items like phone expenses..etc that may not require a receipt? Any suggestions on how to automatically generate an expense report like this would be amazing. Smiley Happy




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Dear Chris,

to make it automatically is not possible, however if you submitted a report that you know that will be most likely similar to the following one. 

You would need to copy it and just edit it for the one you need to submit, by just changing the dates and eventually the amounts.

how to do it?


you can check below or



To copy an expense report:

  1. On the home page, in the Quick Task Bar, click the Open Reports task.

  2. Instead of clicking a tile, click All reports on the right side of the page, just above the tiles.

  3. Select the check box to the left of the desired report.

  4. Click Copy Report.

  5. At this point, you can either:

    • Click OK. This copies the report as Copy of <filename> and automatically increments the date of each expense by one day.

    • Or you can enter the following information:

      • In the Report Name field, enter the desired name of the report.

      • The First User-Defined Date field is a read only field displaying the oldest transaction date in the list of entries for the old report.

      • In the New Starting Date for Entries field, enter the desired starting date of the new report entries. The system calculates the remaining entry on the new report based on the new starting date (that is, number of days difference and then increments the date for each entry on the new report by the same number of days). The system also calculates the report start date and report end date on the report header (if configured on the form) based on the new starting date provided.

      • Click OK. The report is copied with the new name and information.



Kind Regards

Alessandro Munari - Travel Expense Project Manager
SAP Concur Employee
SAP Concur Employee

@ChristopherH85 There are only two ways to have the system automatically create reports: 

1. Turn on the Expense Assistant feature. However, this only works for corporate card charges that come into Concur or ExpenseIt created items. Once they come in, Concur will place these items on an expense report for you. 

2. Use the Company Billed Statements option, but this is only for Purchasing Cards.


My guess is your monthly recurring expenses might be out of pocket expenses, is that correct or are you making these purchases on a corporate card? 


If they are out of pocket expenses, then what you are asking is not possible.  

Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Sr. Training Consultant

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Hi Chris,

Unfortunately no 😞


Two option to  ease down a little bit :


1.Expense assist feature - It will collate all the cc/mobile entries in a report per month automatically.

2.Copy - Copy the reports where frequent expenses are available.


Hope it helps!