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How many instances are there in concur?

How many instances are there in concur?

Community Manager
Community Manager

@mahesh what exactly do you mean by "instances". We have different configuration types. We have a Standard Configuration and a Professional Configuration. I'm not quite sure what you are asking though. 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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Hi Mahesh,


Are you referring to instances like development instance, test instance, etc? If yes, I understand Concur has only 1 instance - the Production instance. If a customer wants a test instance, they additional subscription is required for the second instance which is the test instance. Also unlike SAP, don't believe these instances can be linked and hence all the changes done in test instance would need to be redone in the Production instance.     

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I actually searched for the same topic & found this article.

Our background in terms of the instances would be that to be connected system (HR, FI)are usually comming with 3 different instances (dev, test, prod).
So the developments go down the route from dev to prod.
However it seems that concur only deals with 1 instance, that is production?
Is there any best practice available how to deal with this situation?
Especially how to avoid test postings in productive systems?
How to deal with best if there is a waved approach for a multiple companies (therefore different systems like FI) rollout?
If the company decides to go for 2 instances does everything done in test must be manually transferred into production?
Thank you!