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How enter personal expense owed to company

I am entering amounts spent over the allowed meal amounts that are owed to the company.  The total charges for the meals were on a company card, and the expense report for these transactions has already been approved.  The overage needs to be deducted from personal payroll.  It is giving me an exception, " ... must be related to imported card transaction."  How do I import since a personal card was not used?       

Community Manager
Community Manager

@joylewis first, for future reference, if you go over an allowable amount and charge it to your company card, you should itemize those expenses. The overage amount should be itemized and marked as personal to ensure that amount isn't paid to the card. 


Your best option is to discuss this with your Finance or Accounting team or whichever team assigns company cards and ask them what your company process is for this scenario. It will be difficult to answer here since this is specific to your company and companies handle these situations in many different ways. Also, since the report has already been fully approved, some back end work will need to be done by your Finance/Accounting team.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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