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Occasional Member - Level 1

How does your company handle meal reimbursement?

Looking to see how other companies in the U.S. handle meal reimbursements to their employees when they travel.  Do you use the GSA rates or do you have specific limits set in the system for breakfast, lunch, and dinner?  If you set up limits, how did you determine what those limits would be for each of those meals?    Thanks.

Routine Member - Level 2

We reimburse actuals up to a threshold ($70 USD) in most locations with very few callouts for high-cost areas.  This applies globally with the exception of Austria/Germany where we use the country specific travel allowance rates.  To determine the rates, we pulled historical data to establish a threshold.  Our rates were put in place a few years ago and need a review which will likely happen this coming year.  

Occasional Member - Level 1

Thanks for sharing.  We currently use the GSA published rates and have been getting some complaints about the reduced amounts for the first and last days of travel.  This prompted us to re-evaluate the method we are using to reimburse meals.