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How does eveyone handle corrections for processed reports?

How does everyone handle corrections that are identified in audits. We use a third party audit software to identify duplicate transaction or transactions that do not follow our company policies. Sometimes we just need to follow up with the employee to make sure they follow policy on future reports other time we need to make entries to correct how the report posted in our accounting software. For example, and employee submits a receipt on a report and didn't match it to the credit card transaction therefore they were reimbursed as a cash expense. Then the employee submits the credit card transaction on a different report. Currently we have been entering the correction directly into our accounting software but wondering if this is the best practice. When we run annual reports in Intelligence that pull these transactions we are seeing the duplicate transactions and are now going back to the accounting system to verify if it was caught and a correction was made. Should these corrections be somehow entered through Concur so that the Intelligence reporting also shows the corrections?