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How do you split cab receipts?

Two executive shared the cost of the cab. How do you expense the cost of a split receipt?

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If they have different cost centers, you would be able to split it by allocating half of the amount to the other cost center if you have the ability to allocate.


Community Manager
Community Manager

@Gasoline if they received a paper receipt, have each take a picture of it. When they submit the expense, have them enter a comment explaining that the fare was split. Since they each have a digital copy on their mobile phones, they can attach the receipt to the entry on the report.


In my honest opinion, since it is a business expense, it would be much simpler if one executive submitted the entire expense. The exception to this is if the fare was paid for on their personal credit cards, then they can follow what I mentioned above.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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dear @Gasoline 

Depending on your company policy, but generally if the cost got only 1 receipt, only one should be allowed to submit the expense. Also, depending on your system set up, you may be able to allocated the costs to different department, however, again depending on how your company manage expenses, but generally there is not much added value on allocating small costs, and the one higher in the hierarchy should take the bill. 

Kind Regards

Alessandro Munari