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How do you handle receipt affidavits?

Is there a way to run a report that shows who did a missing receipt affidavit?

SAP Concur Employee
SAP Concur Employee

Hello! I know of one way, though it does require Intelligence, our reporting offering.

This is how you would create a report to identify those expenses using the Missing Receipt Affidavit function. You would use a filter in your report that uses the data item “Has Affidavit.” Find this field at the following path: Expense > Expense Reports > Entry Information > Additional Entry Details > HAS AFFIDAVIT. This field will display a 1 or 0. 1 = Yes, 0 = No. Apply the filter in the report to say “Has Affidavit = 1” and it will only pull those expenses with an affidavit.

I hope this helps!

As a side note, for the future, Missing Receipt Affidavit will eventually be called Missing Receipt Declaration in the NextGen Expense user interface.

- Clay Thompson @ SAP Concur
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In EMEA, specifically France, have they adjusted the title? I find that many of our French colleagues find the label confusing there. They tend not to use it because of that.

Travel and Expense System Administrator
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We've taken it one additional step further by using the bursting capabilties in Cognos.  On a quarterly basis, a communication is sent to the associate (CC to leader) when 30% or more of their reports submitted used a missing receipt affadavit.  The communication reminds the associate of policy as well as touches on the VAT impact when a proper receipt is not attached.  It's a scheduled report so no touch aside from answering any questions we may get.  VERY SLICK! 

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Hope this message finds you well. Am looking to download report missing receipt affidavit from each employee. Please advise how I can run or design report in Concur. Your advice is much appreciated



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Hello all,

Just wanted to add on to what @ClayT said about requiring Intelligence - this field is also available in the standard Analysis. So you don't actually need the higher level Intelligence, but it should be available in both levels of the Cognos report writer. I'd imagine this will also be included in the upcoming Analytics platform.

And to @Bahavan, you can design a custom report in Analysis / Intelligence using the field that Clay indicated. You can also include more information from these folders:

Expense > Expense Reports > Report Header Information
Expense > Expense Reports > Report Dates and Statuses
Expense > Expense Reports > Entry Information

Using fields in those folders, you can build a report to suit your needs that will show all pertinent info about any expenses submitted with a Missing Receipt Affidavit. For more info on the report writer you can check out the resources here:

Specifically, here's one that goes over the Expense folder:

Hope that helps!