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How do you ensure that employees are aware of fiscal requirements?

Hello dear community,


I´m curios, how do you handle the transfer of knowledge to employees regarding tax requirements, as well as basic accounting knowledge that must be adhered to when submitting expenses?

Do you have employee trainings or manuals that can be referred to?
Since a lot has to be taken into account already at the time of submission (e.g. expense type "entertainment", especially in Germany/ is the entertainment with colleagues of the group, a itemization has to be made, so that the posting runs to the correct accounts). For some expense types, employees are not aware of many specifications, such as what must be written on the invoice for it to be recognized for tax purposes.

Do you work exclusively with audit rules to create awareness?
I would like to avoid dissatisfaction among employees, as correct submission and thus knowledge of tax-related aspects also lies to a large extent with the employee.


Thanks a lot for your feedback.