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How do a switch to make the payment to employee

My mgr did not approve the expense report on time. It was return to me due to them being late despite the system sending them an email. To avoid getting hit with a late charge I paid the credit card myself. I know need to company to pay me back so how do a switch it to pay employee instead of the credit card?

Community Manager
Community Manager

@lmaisonet you need to mark all those transactions as personal so your company will not pay the credit card company for the same charges you paid. 


Then you would need to create all the credit card expenses as out of pocket, which means manually create them on the report. You will likely get duplicate expense warnings, but they should only be yellow alerts and not prevent submission. Use the Comment field on the expenses to explain the situation. I would get approval from your manager first before doing this or ask them what the company policy is on this.

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Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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I have this same issue - how do I go about marking the transactions as personal? And then how do I create new out-of-pocket expenses? thank you...!!