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How do I remove all user Roles from a terminated user?

I understand inactive users have no access to Concur.  However, my audit department is requesting we have all Roles removed from inactive users at the point of termination.  On the employee import file 305, we do have the ability to remove some of these Roles. However, the 305 does not list all of the Roles.  Does anyone know of a way this can be done via an import?  Or does someone have a similar situation they have worked around?  Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Hi @Lledford 


To my knowledge, it is not possible to remove the special roles using the import. In my earlier organization, we had established a process where periodic emails were sent to the admin team with the names of terminated users with special roles. The team then manually unassigned the roles from the user profiles. Such a setup was deemed acceptable by the audit team.


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To remove all user roles from a terminated user in Concur, if the employee import file 305 doesn't list all the roles, you might need to delve deeper into the Concur settings or use the Concur API (if one exists for user management). However, it's always recommended to get in touch with Concur's technical support for a streamlined solution. Other organizations may have custom scripts or procedures in place for such audit compliance, but direct communication with the software provider often yields the most efficient results.


Thanks for sharing this.

Prisha singh
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I agree with Rohan.  You can remove roles from the profile in Permission Administration.

Nancy Murray
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Even we have the same process like what Rohan mentioned. We do Periodic check and remove the roles manually. API is another option for getting this done.

SAP Concur Employee
SAP Concur Employee

@Lledford Thank you for the  post. As mentioned you can remove roles using the 305 Import file. Unfortunately, the roles that can be assigned/removed via import is limited. If you are using the 305 Import file to deactivate/modify users, here are the roles that can be removed/assigned:

Expense and/or Cash Advance Approver (Y/N) Column 64
Company Card Admin Column 65
Receipt Processor Column 67
Import/Extract Monitor Column 69
Company Info Admin Column 70
Request Approver(Y/N) Column 79
Tax Administrator Column 84
Budget Owner Column 95
Budget Viewer Column 96
Budget Approver Column 97
Budget Admin Column 98

Just put N when removing the roles, you can actually do this when deactivating the users. The other roles that are not listed can only be removed manually via User Permissions page.


However, you could consider submitting an improvement request. To view a new improvement request or vote on an existing improvement request, please visit the Customer Influence Website.


Does this help?


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