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How do I clear an already paid expense which is marked (correctly) as duplicate?

Hi. I saw in an earlier discussion ('Already submitted expense report and paid, but no ability to delete transaction’) that there’s a way to remove already paid transactions.

It's great to know there's a way to remove already paid expenses from my SAP concur "available expenses".

I just need the instructions which make this work.

What I tried was to create a new expense report: 

already paid-dec2021


and marked as Non-Billable in the claim header.

But every transaction in the claim is marked as "This expense may be a duplicate of the following expense”. 


It is 100% correct that the transaction duplicates the one it has discovered. Because each transaction has already been paid.

In this situation, my training indicates I should not submit the claim. Therefore, do I simply leave it in SAP concur as an unsubmitted claim? If so, how long is this likely to continue to be left as an unsubmitted claim?

Community Manager
Community Manager

@johnz0 Hello there. So, I'm sure you know this now, but the expenses that were submitted and paid were entered as out of pocket expenses even though you paid for them with your corporate AMEX card. So, going forward, just remember that the AMEX transactions take about 3-5 business days to show up in your SAP Concur profile from the date of purchase. This will help avoid this situation in the future. 


Anyway, the duplicate warning you see is just that, a warning. It doesn't prevent you from submitting. Since these two items have already been paid, what you need to do is mark each one as non-reimbursable. Once you do that and fill out all required fields, you should be able to submit. Now, your company might not allow a zero amount requested report, so be ready for that possibility. If that is the case, just wait until you have other business expenses. When those card transactions come in, add them to this report. Then submit.




Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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