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How do I apply one engagement activity to multiple expenses at the same time?

I have monthly expenses that I generally charge to two or three engagement activities. Is there a way I can apply the same engagement activity to multiple expenses within a report at the same time, similar to how you can apply one input for certain fields across multiple expenses by selecting them and hitting 'Edit'? My expenses could take 5 minutes every month but instead they take an hour because I have to add the same engagement activity within every single individual expense.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@gtarantino12 just so I'm clear, you are talking about using the Allocations option to charge to the engagement activities, correct?


What you do is select all the items that will be charged (allocated to the two or three activities). Click the Allocate button. Do your normal process for selecting the activities. You will see on the Allocations screen a Save to Favorites button. Next time you need to allocate, select all the items, Click Allocate. On the Allocations screen, click Add. You will see a tab to see your saved Favorites. 


This should do it. 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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Occasional Member - Level 1

No, even if I use the allocation option to "allocate" several expenses 100% to the same engagement activity, I still have to manually put in the engagement code in each individual expense afterwards.