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How can I see what expenses/information concur has "Matched" as I do not believe there is a match?

Was adding some food receipts to a recent report from my mobile device, and after I added them to an existing report I got a message that says "Matching Transactions: 1  Information from new sources has been matched to expenses in this report"


The problem is - I am 1000% confident these receipts had not previously been accounted for on the existing expense report.  And none of my other expenses were duplicates.  How can I tell which expense this message is referring to?  I see no way to differentiate any one expense from any other (no additional icons or visual cues that would alert me of the expense for which an automatic 'match' was created).


This concerns me because I sometimes fly the same route every week, or book the same hotel room at the same rate 2 weeks in a row, etc.  so occasionally I have expenses that are of the same category and for the same dollar amount but which genuinely represent different expenditures as denoted by the date.  I don't want to have to comb through my entire January expense report just to try and figure out which one was oh so helpfully "combined" for me such that ultimately I may end up not getting reimbursed as much as I should be.

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Check if there is any automatic imports done into your Concur account like card transactions, invoice from hotels/restaurants, etc.

If yes, then they are matching with the expenses you entered manually.

And also you can check under Available expenses section on your home page if any matching expenses available.


With regards,


Community Manager
Community Manager

@karakitt I see that all your expenses are Cash. The only way you wouldn't be reimbursed as much as you should, is if you were not to double-check the amount of each entry to make sure the matched items show the correct amount. The good thing with cash expenses is that most fields that are automatically populated, such as the Amount field, can be edited at any time.


Could you describe the steps you take to create your expense entries, please? Are you using the mobile app in anyway? If so, please include those steps. Once I hear how you create your expenses, I can provide a better answer that might save you some time.


I do see that your company uses ExpenseIt, so you might be doing duplicate work. The system will only match something if there is an item already created. So, if you are manually creating your expense entries AND using ExpenseIt, you are duplicating work. ExpenseIt creates entries for you. When you add the ExpenseIt items to a report and you've already added an entry for that ExpenseIt item, the system will match them since most of the entry details are the same. For Cash expenses, I would recommend only using ExpenseIt as it will create your entries (with receipt) for you. All you need to do is double check the entry details to make sure ExpenseIt pulled the information correctly, which it usually does. Or you can turn off ExpenseIt in the app and just capture the receipt image without ExpenseIt analyzing it and creating an entry if you prefer to manually create your entries. 


From what I see in your expense report and your description, my guess is you are doing a little extra work that is not needed and it is causing this issue for you. 


I know it is a little confusing when ExpenseIt is used because some might think they are only capturing the receipt image only, when actually ExpenseIt is doing receipt capture and creating an expense entry you can add to your report. 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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