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How can I know if my company allows the use of a personal credit card?

I've added a personal credit card to my profile but when I create an expense report, it is not on the drop down list of credit cards. I am with IBM and the site on which I am to perform a transaction does not accept AMEX so I cannot use my corporate card. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

@acarpin could you take a screenshot of where you added your credit card, please? 


You don't need to see your credit card in the drop down for doing an expense. If you had to use your personal card, you will manually create the expense on your expense report. Once you have created the expense report, you will either see a blue button that says Add Expense or you will see a button that says New Expense under the report name. Depends on which user interface your company is currently using. If you see the blue Add Expense button, click that then select the Create New Expense tab. You will see a list of expense types to choose from. Choose the appropriate expense type, then fill out all required fields and attach the receipt. 


If you see the New Expense button under the report name, once you click this, you will see a list of expense types to choose from on the right part of the screen. Select the expense type, fill out the required fields, attach receipt and Save.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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Occasional Member - Level 1

Hi Kevin. I had added my personal credit card to my profile as an alternate card but it doesn't appear as a choice in the drop down menu "Redirect Cash Payment to Card". I guess that is simply not an option so a cash payout would substitute. What I understand from your response is that I can leave this field blank, fill out the rest, click next and keep filling it out. Then IBM should pay out the expense in cash via my paycheck. Is this correct?