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How can I delete transaction wrongly charge by AMEX CARD


Please guide me to delete concur expense. It wrongly occurs by AMEX card.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@MAACHARYYA most likely your company has disabled the ability to delete company card transactions. If these charges were not your charges and are fraudulent, you need to contest them with AMEX and have AMEX reverse the charges. When they do, you should see transactions appear that are negative amounts. Add both the incorrect charges and refunds/credits to the same expense report and submit.


If these charges are personal charges that were mistakenly purchased on your corporate AMEX card, then you still need to add these charges to your report and use the Personal Expense (do not reimburse) checkbox to mark them as personal. 


The only way to get rid of the charges, if your company has disabled deletion, is to add them to a report and submit them.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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Super User
Super User

Kevin is correct and it is better for any auditing later on that fraudulent charges are in a report with the credit from the card company.

Nancy Murray